My Quick Mommy Makeup

Hi everyone! I meant to write this post sooner but I’ve been so busy with my son that it really took this long for me to do this!

I wanted to post my makeup that I do lately. I don’t have much time after becoming a mom to do makeup. So most days I just do this and on days I have more time – – I do my long routine. But this is enough to make me feel like I don’t look as tired as a feel! Hope you enjoy this!

photo 1-3

I first start of with a facial primer all over my face. I like this banila co primer because it’s not too expensive and is a bit similar to Smashbox’s primer.

photo 2-3

Next I prime my eyes. Everyone has their favorite, mine is the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Once I started using this, I never went back. Though, I’m always up for suggestions if you have any others that you like!

photo 1-4

I use this innisfree Long Wear Cushion after my SIL recommended it to me! I love it, it is actually really easy to apply and it dries to a matte finish. It actually lasts all day and it’s at a great price. I saw a video that suggests using one end of the pad to pat the product onto your face. Then you use the other end to pat the product (without any BB cream) to lock it in. It works like a charm and is super easy!

photo 3-4

I apply a brow pencil in a gray color, black is too harsh and brown looks totally terrible on me. This one is by banila co but I’m not too attached. It’s easy to use though!

photo 3-3

I usually only have time for one swipe of color for eyeshadow. I pick whichever one I’m feeling that day. Today I wanted Buck by Urband Decay Naked 1.

photo 5-2

Curl and quick swipe of mascara!

photo 4-3

If I have time – I pencil in a thin line of brown gel liner. (This one is from Etude House)

photo 2-4

And I just slap on some lip butter by Revlon.



It’s not glamourous by any means but it works for me! Most days I actually skip the eyeliner and BB cream. All depends on how I feel when I wake up and how much time I have. This whole routine takes about 10 minutes for me and I usually do it while Ollie reads a book in the crib or if my husband can watch him.

What are your speed secrets for makeup? I’d love to hear. And I am thinking about doing a giveaway of makeup! Would anyone be interested? I know I’ve been bad about blogging and thought this would be a good way to say thank you to all of you who have read and been such a support during our move to Asia and the road to pregnancy.


Quick (mommy) Makeup Coming soon!

I’m talking with a few folks about doing a mommy makeup giveaway. (Doesn’t have to be mommy makeup, of course… just quick!)

So I’m going to find some time to put together a post of what I wear on the daily. Now that I’m a mother – I don’t have as much time and I need to find makeup that is not only quick but easy to do!

:) Coming soon!


Hong Kong Kiddies: Little Yogis

Little Yogis

I am so excited to share this with all you mommy friends I have!

One of Ollie’s favorite teachers from his baby gym class has opened up her own Yoga studio for children. We were fortunate to be invited to the open house over the weekend and all I have to say is: WOW!

Little Yogis is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Aberdeen, 1 Island South. We live a short taxi ride over and without traffic, it took only 15 minutes from the north-east part of Hong Kong Island.

We were quite impressed with the space, it’s beautiful, clean, and large. There is also a kitchen/dining area where the kids will have some healthy snacks after their classes. Love that the teaching doesn’t stop at exercise – it’s all about healthy balances, including what we put in our bodies!

Ollie really enjoyed the waiting area, which had large bean bag animals, comfortable seating, beautiful views of the neighborhood with plenty of books to read! It’s a bright space, with great teachers and we are eager to start classes.

The yoga room was impressive, it also has a large window, with great lighting. They told us that they will use children’s books (such as “The Hungry Little Caterpillar) to mimic yoga poses while following the story line. The lighting is impressive, which change colors according to the story. I know the little ones will love the beautiful colors in the yoga room!

Go to their Facebook page for more information and ask any questions that you may have. We love our teacher Carina and are so proud of her and Matthew for opening up this amazing yoga studio. They start classes in September, so be sure to sign up!


RIP to my childhood hero

I remember when I was younger, I got teased a lot. For being “buck toothed”, being “Chinese”, being a nerd… What not. Then in high school, while I had a lot of friends but not really any close friends (I wasn’t allowed to go out with any of my friends unless it was for school). I always felt an empty space and that was filled with all of Robin Williams movies, stand ups and his tv shows.

He made me laugh, he made me cry. He made me feel like he was my friend.

I am deeply sadden by his passing and it is so sad that behind his beautiful ability to make other laugh, he had to battle depression.

I hope everyone in heaven is enjoying your undeniable talent of comedy. You are such a light Mr. Williams.

You were the healer of souls, you were the doctor of sadness for there. You healed us by making us laugh. You are missed, you are loved.

You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.


Phuket Eats:

photo 1-3
We are traveling away! I didn’t really get a chance to even update on our trip to Singapore. Well, not much to update since hubby was on business.

But this week we took a trip to Phuket with my in laws. It’s been amazing and it’s Ollie and my first time here. It has been relaxing and super fun.

I have to highly recommend a place to everyone. It is absolutely amazing, super cheap and delicious as well as local. If you are in Phuket, put this on your list of places to go!

Rawai beach was recommended to us by a local that we met while having dinner. She told us to go to Rawai Seafood market, where the fishermen sell their catch. You can bargain away! We got all of the above in the picture (seafood wise) for about 1000 Thai Baht! And then we went to a restaurant across (they have many to choose from) and picked how we wanted it cooked, plus got tons of drinks, soup and noodles for 1000 Thai Baht.

The total for four (and a half) people to eat like kings with everything I mentioned: 200 Thai Baht!!! (492 HKD/$62 USD) totally worth it and can’t believe how inexpensive it was.

The people are super nice and you’ll even see some tea/coffee carts, along with fruit and candy if that’s your fancy. You can also shop the pearl stalls that they have nearby too.

photo 2-3

We liked this place so much… we went TWICE. Great deal, especially if you love seafood. We went a little epic style but it was totally worth it!

What are your favorite places to eat in Phuket?


Happy Anniversary!

Happy wedding and date anniversary to my husband!!!!!

I can’t believe we have been together for 10 years! 7 of those as husband and wife and 14 months of those as a family with little Ollie.

I truly have such an incredible husband. And I am so very blessed to call him my love.

These past few days have been tough. Ollie was put in the pediatric ward after having a dangerously high fever for 4 days. His fever finally broke today but we are advised to stay longer. It broke my heart to hear him scream in pain and look so helpless.

He’s doing better now but the fever still comes and goes. But we have tons of snuggle time and he is in good spirits otherwise.

We are celebrating from the hospital and even though it sucks that he’s sick… We are together. And can I just say… Singapore doctors and nurses are really awesome. Nicest people ever and so kind too! Love.

Happy anniversary hubby. Many more to come!


I <3 Singapore

We have been in Singapore for a week and I love it here! There is so many things to do with Ollie here and the people are so nice!

I made a collage of a few things we ate and saw in Singapore. Not enough space for everything but just the key stuff so far. It’s lovely here, really a great place.

I should be better about blogging. It’s hard to find time with an active, walking toddler. But life is good, really good. Tired but good! :) how are all of you?


anniegurumi: Teacher Appreciation

I made these cupcake anniegurumis for Ollie’s teachers at the baby gym.

Teacher Carina and teacher Carmen are his favorites. They are amazing teachers, extremely sweet and most of all, great with Ollie.

I wanted to make something special for them, but something small enough that wouldn’t take up too much space. And I thought the cupcakes with little flowers on top would do the trick!

They really liked it a lot and it made our day! I hope they know how much they mean to us. Seeing them every week has made Ollie so happy and makes me even happier.

Best teachers ever.


Birthday Eve


It’s Saturday here in Hong Kong and we had a pretty nice day. Went to TST to meet up with the in laws and saw these crazy big statues of footballers. World Cup is a huge deal everywhere but especially Hong Kong


And before TST we went to Statue Square and saw the amazing 1600 paper mâché pandas. WFW and the artist who created these are raising awareness for pandas. There are not very many of them left and so this was a way for them to raise money as well as educating people (in a fun way) about it. You can read more about it and even purchase one of the pandas!

And currently, I am in a salon, getting my hair dyed. It’s been years since I have dyed my hair. I’m really excited since it’ll give me a fresh change and I’m going a tad lighter since summer is here. When I look at my hair, I saw so many greys. I know in my family, everyone seems to get mostly white hair by the time they are 40. I’m 35 tomorrow, and I would have to say… I do have A LOT. But it’s hidden pretty well and you definitely see a bit of salt and pepper hair on top.

The hubby insisted I get it colored to treat myself. He’s so sweet. He also got me a new (lighter weight, lighter colored) purse to use and beautiful earrings as my bday gift. He really knows how to treat me well. :)

And tomorrow, on my actual birthday, we are going to get full body massages! I could really use it! My in laws have also gifted me a really nice massage chair attachment. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this thing is crazy good! I actually felt like I really went to a massage place!

So yes tomorrow… I’m 35. Wow, I can’t believe it. I have a beautiful son, an amazing husband and although I’m tired…

I am so incredibly happy. :”)

Happy birthday to me!


anniegurumi: Family of Birds

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy (HA, always busy!) time in the anniegurumi household! Everything is good, Ollie is growing super fast and keeping me on my toes.

I wish I had more time to crochet but I’ve been making things (very slowly) here and there for my BFF! She has baby number 2 on the way, a beautiful girl that is due on July 4th!

I wanted to make her as many things as I did for her first daughter but I found it impossible with a baby myself. But… I’m happy to say that I did make some things for her and here is the first things I made!

My bestie loves birds so I thought it would be cute to include a family of birds! I made them with a pointed top, to look like a bird with a fun feathered top.

I always feel that simplicity is sometimes the cutest. I have to say, I fell in love with these birds and so happy that she loves them so much. I really hope her daughter will love them as well!

I made one more thing for her, which I’ll share in a few days. I can’t believe it’s the weekend already… I’m turning 35 on Sunday. I can’t believe it! 35!

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been cracking up from some Jimmy Fallon videos: this and this.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)