I <3 Singapore

We have been in Singapore for a week and I love it here! There is so many things to do with Ollie here and the people are so nice!

I made a collage of a few things we ate and saw in Singapore. Not enough space for everything but just the key stuff so far. It’s lovely here, really a great place.

I should be better about blogging. It’s hard to find time with an active, walking toddler. But life is good, really good. Tired but good! :) how are all of you?


anniegurumi: Teacher Appreciation

I made these cupcake anniegurumis for Ollie’s teachers at the baby gym.

Teacher Carina and teacher Carmen are his favorites. They are amazing teachers, extremely sweet and most of all, great with Ollie.

I wanted to make something special for them, but something small enough that wouldn’t take up too much space. And I thought the cupcakes with little flowers on top would do the trick!

They really liked it a lot and it made our day! I hope they know how much they mean to us. Seeing them every week has made Ollie so happy and makes me even happier.

Best teachers ever.


Birthday Eve


It’s Saturday here in Hong Kong and we had a pretty nice day. Went to TST to meet up with the in laws and saw these crazy big statues of footballers. World Cup is a huge deal everywhere but especially Hong Kong


And before TST we went to Statue Square and saw the amazing 1600 paper mâché pandas. WFW and the artist who created these are raising awareness for pandas. There are not very many of them left and so this was a way for them to raise money as well as educating people (in a fun way) about it. You can read more about it and even purchase one of the pandas!

And currently, I am in a salon, getting my hair dyed. It’s been years since I have dyed my hair. I’m really excited since it’ll give me a fresh change and I’m going a tad lighter since summer is here. When I look at my hair, I saw so many greys. I know in my family, everyone seems to get mostly white hair by the time they are 40. I’m 35 tomorrow, and I would have to say… I do have A LOT. But it’s hidden pretty well and you definitely see a bit of salt and pepper hair on top.

The hubby insisted I get it colored to treat myself. He’s so sweet. He also got me a new (lighter weight, lighter colored) purse to use and beautiful earrings as my bday gift. He really knows how to treat me well. :)

And tomorrow, on my actual birthday, we are going to get full body massages! I could really use it! My in laws have also gifted me a really nice massage chair attachment. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this thing is crazy good! I actually felt like I really went to a massage place!

So yes tomorrow… I’m 35. Wow, I can’t believe it. I have a beautiful son, an amazing husband and although I’m tired…

I am so incredibly happy. :”)

Happy birthday to me!


anniegurumi: Family of Birds

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy (HA, always busy!) time in the anniegurumi household! Everything is good, Ollie is growing super fast and keeping me on my toes.

I wish I had more time to crochet but I’ve been making things (very slowly) here and there for my BFF! She has baby number 2 on the way, a beautiful girl that is due on July 4th!

I wanted to make her as many things as I did for her first daughter but I found it impossible with a baby myself. But… I’m happy to say that I did make some things for her and here is the first things I made!

My bestie loves birds so I thought it would be cute to include a family of birds! I made them with a pointed top, to look like a bird with a fun feathered top.

I always feel that simplicity is sometimes the cutest. I have to say, I fell in love with these birds and so happy that she loves them so much. I really hope her daughter will love them as well!

I made one more thing for her, which I’ll share in a few days. I can’t believe it’s the weekend already… I’m turning 35 on Sunday. I can’t believe it! 35!

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been cracking up from some Jimmy Fallon videos: this and this.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)


Happy Father’s Day! and some anniegurumi



We celebrated Father’s Day today with my in laws and my husband’s aunt & uncle. We all had lunch together and I gave the men these cards that I made with Ollie. Let me tell you… trying to stamp his feet is no easy task. I got ink all over the place and he even got it on my face. LOL :)

I have to give a huge shout out to my husband. He is by far the BEST husband and daddy ever. I can’t believe how helpful, loving and absolutely wonderful he is to us. He makes being a parent so much easier and I honestly couldn’t do this without him! Ollie, you really are a LUCKY boy!


We went to a birthday party for Ollie’s friends before lunch. It was SO much fun! Since they asked for no gifts, I made a couple of cupcakes for them. I wanted it to be pretty, soft and remind me of the cupcakes from NYC. So I crocheted a brown base cake, made the frosting in cream and lavender. And how beautiful are these flower/leaf embellishments? I think they add the perfect touch to the cupcakes. I feel this is going to be an “anniegurumi” classic! Since they turned out even better than I imagined, I will probably start making these and sell them! I wonder if anyone would buy them. :) First… need to find the time to make them. haha

Overall, it’s been a good day! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all you papas out there!



Ollie’s party

Ollie’s party was a success! It was hard work but totally worth it and so much fun.

Ollie and I wore the traditional Korean dress (한복). I can’t believe I did, it was so hot/humid! But I’m glad we did because I’m so proud to do something traditionally Korean for Ollie.

We did the 돌잡이 and he had a few items to pick from:

1. String (long life)
2. Paint brushes (scholar)
3. Money (wealth)
4. Music (for fun, mommy’s career)
5. LV wallet (for fun, daddy’s career)

He went straight for the wallet! We did it a couple times and every time.. Straight for the wallet. :)

It was a bit difficult for us to plan the party by ourselves. We don’t have a car, so we had to carry everything to the party. Plus we carried everything back home (in a cab, yay!) which was easier.

Everyone had a great time! I have to give a huge thanks to my friend Alice, she bought so many balloons and decorations for the party. And an even bigger thanks to my hubby, who helped me with every aspect of the diy and getting ready for the party.

I’ll blog more when I have more pictures from the photog we had. (Again, thanks to Alice!) so glad we had someone there for pictures because we didn’t get any good shots. Excited to see what will come!


Happy first birthday!

I can’t believe it’s been a year. A year since my little Ollie came into this world.

We have traveled to many places: New York City, Dubai, moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong and will go to Singapore for a small business trip soon.

I have breastfed you from day one and still am. I am in awe that I can provide you with nutrients from my own body. You love rice, like your daddy. You love seaweed, like your mommy.

You can say a lot of words, you babble a lot in your own language. When you really want me, you yell with all of your body “UMMMMMMMMMMMA”! And you move so quickly that you somehow appear in my arms out of nowhere.

You love your baba. You always wake him up, smiling and calling him. You love to play around, you love people and you are silly.

You’re a bit too adventurous for my taste. You’re always getting yourself into dangerous situations but I hope this means that you will always have a curiosity to learn and experience more in life. Because we should never be too comfortable and always aspire to learn, to be better and to do good.

I’ve done so much growing as a person, a wife and a mother. Being your mom has been the most challenging but rewarding experience of my life. I’ve never felt so helpless, confused, tired and worried. But at the same time, I’ve never felt so in love, excited and blessed… You really complete us!

I hope that this past year has been good for you. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that our love for you will always grow. We love you, now and forever. No matter what happens in life: the good, the bad, the ugly… We will always be here for you.

We love you, Ollie. Happy first birthday to my beautiful, baby boy.


Being a mom is hard work!

That goes without saying.

I’ve been sleep deprived, hungry, beyond exhausted, cranky, moody and along with that: happy, super in love, renewed and so proud of my little guy.

But can I just say… when you see a baby or a kid crying/throwing a tantrum… give that mom a look like “girl, I get ya!” and smile. Does WONDERS for her, I know for me when someone does that I feel ready to tackle Ollie’s screams in public. 

Mother’s day is rolling around and it got me thinking about the past year. I’ve been a mother for almost a year now and it’s SO HARD. Every single moment I feel like I have to be on guard watching Ollie. He gets himself into so much trouble and danger that I can’t look away for a second. (Not even for the bathroom!)

I had such a hard time managing cooking or simple dish washing that I have now put him in the ergo while I do these things. Usually, side carry… and he enjoys it! Now… how am I going to pee? haha (He knows how to climb out of the crib, no… I am not kidding)

And even though it is so tough, rough and utterly exhausting. I love my little man. I know some people are not baby or kid people but I love his giggles and babbling. I think about how my life was before Ollie, how I wanted nothing more than to be a mom. Thoughts about my years of fertility struggles give me strength every day and I am thankful to remember those hard times. 

The hubby gave me an early present for Mother’s Day (and my birthday, wedding anniversary): a pair of gorgeous earrings. My MIL accidentally threw away my earrings after Ollie was born and the hubs felt awful because I wore them every day since he bought it for me. It was painful because they were diamond studs and not exactly cheap. But I have a new pair of earrings that he bought me that I will never take off. Thanks hubby! Even though I said that I had everything that I wanted and didn’t need a gift , he still got it for me knowing I always missed those earrings!

So yeah. Motherhood is hard. I want to give every mother I see a hug when I see them. And I have to say, even with the struggles and how taxing it has been on my body… I love it and has taught me so much about myself. How much I still have to grow and how much I am able to love. 

If you have a mom and she is great, I envy you! Go give your mom a hug and tell her you appreciate her. :)



Yesterday, I had a little cloud hanging over me because it isn’t the best date. It reminds me of a time, a person, people and memories that I have mostly healed from. But even though there is healing, the memories are still there.

I spent most of the day, smiling and laughing with Ollie. I am thankful for him, he and my hubs have really helped heal my heart. I don’t know how I would have been without them.

The hubs had to work so he sent comfort via text. He really has been an amazing partner and supportive.

I had talked to my friend Alice and it was really nice to know that it’s ok that I feel this way. And that I will probably always feel this way. She made me feel reassured and better. I am really amazed how she and I have grown in our relationship. The move to Hong Kong has really been so wonderful, especially with how much she has helped and been such a great friend to me. Not to mention a positive support system, which gives me energy on those super tiring days when Ollie doesn’t sleep.

And today is Saturday. It took forever to put Ollie to bed. His screaming breaks my heart. But his hugs, giggles, “umma”, wanting to play with me and his love make it all worth every single second of my life with him.

So even though Friday sucked, Saturday was great. :)


Almost done!

I am almost done prepping Ollie’s birthday party!

I made some photo props for the adults and mini Polaroids for people to take pics.

As far as the snacks, I have the Korean rainbow rice cake place figured out. Now needing an actual birthday cake and have reached out to several places. Can’t decide between an owl, Elmo or Korean theme.

The 돌 towers are finished!

And now Ollie’s awake from his nap. :) must go!