Shanghai Eats: Huxingting Tea House at Yu Gardens

Huxing Tea House Bridge

Huxingting Tea House is located right in the middle of Yu Garden Bazaar. You can’t miss it, there is zig zag bridge that leads to the actual tea house. If you’re wondering about the zig zag, it’s because Chinese ghosts can only travel in a straight line. So these turns and corners are awesome because the ghosts get stuck in there. And you’ll often find in China (in temples, gardens, tea houses etc) that you have a few inches to step over the bottom of the door since Chinese ghosts don’t know how to step over or hop into a place. They can… only travel in a straight line. lol

Huxing Tea house

Two Saturdays ago, my friend Alina asked me if I wanted to have tea and go shopping. I couldn’t resist, I love tea and I have grown very fond of her. She has been extremely kind, welcoming and generous to us. So I met up with her and I think generally Yu Garden is a bad idea to meet someone on a weekend but the Tea House wasn’t busy. It’s just outside the tea house, where everyone is taking pictures. 

Huxing Tea House Flower Tea

I asked Alina to pick the teas. She wanted us to have something visually beautiful and delicious. So she ordered two different blooming flower teas and they were a lovely tea to have in the afternoon. The tea house gave us a thermos with boiling water. We refilled quite a few times. 

Huxing Tea House Dim Sum

The tea house gave us dim sum (“little bites”):  packaged sweets, tofu and tea quail eggs. It was lovely but I think the tofu is an acquired taste and my western friends might not like it so much.

I had a great time. It was a day spent with about 50-50 English/Mandarin. My Mandarin isn’t good and Alina’s English is ok. So it was fun trying to communicate together.

On a random note, I met a girl in a coffee shop yesterday. She was sitting behind me and asked me if she could borrow my iPhone charger. I then told her, I don’t understand (Chinese). She then asked me in ENGLISH! Turns out she’s from Northern China, went to school in Chicago and her English is perfect. We exchanged info and agreed to meet up sometime. 

Meeting new friends is so much fun. I’m now meeting people left and right, it’s really starting to feel like home now. Though, I feel old… Most of the people I’m meeting are younger than I am but it makes me happy that they “think” I’m in my early 20s. But in all honesty, my early 30s – so far, are my favorite. 

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  1. February 27, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    That is SO awesome that you’re meeting more people. It’s just the best feeling. And those teas!! How beautiful. Is the tofu there very different from tofus in the states? Now I’m curious!

    • February 27, 2012 at 6:42 pm

      Tofu tastes the same if it’s prepared in the same manner here. :) But this tofu was a fermented type of tofu that has a very stinky smell. haha That made it sound awful but it was actually pretty good. :D

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