A Sweet Moment

Ollie is almost 6 months old and I am currently (still) exclusively breast feeding. What started out of my not wanting to give him formula (because we were in China and formula couldn’t be trusted) and then continuing because I really love it…. has turned into a huge bonding time for my son and me.

My son is tucked away, sleeping (thank God!) and right before he sleeps, I nurse him. We were both on the bed, him on his side, I’m on my side and he began to nurse. I could hear him sighing and little delicious moans, which always make me smile. Then I was shocked to find that he curled up his body (which is longer than my torso), his feet on my upper thighs, his head even closer to me. This position reminded me of when he was in my belly, squished in there and snug. Then he took one hand, held my forefinger and his other hand grabbed my thumb. Ollie kept squeezing my fingers and he finally fell asleep after a big nursing session. 

I know that I’m a pretty mushy, rainbows kind of gal. But seriously… I cried. This moment reminded me of when I was pregnant with Oliver. When I took every single moment, every single day… being SO THANKFUL that I am pregnant. And while I am thankful all the time for being a mother… I found myself even more thankful, feeling more blessed and feeling quite LUCKY to have Oliver in our lives. 

I love our family, I love how much has changed and I love it all. Even the downs, the hard times… the times where I feel like I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning every day how to be a mother and doing my best to be the kind of mother he needs. 

I will hold this special moment, forever in my heart. I hope Ollie and I will always be this close. I love him so, so, soooooo much.


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  1. jesshie
    November 20, 2013 at 10:30 am

    you GO, mama! so happy that breastfeeding has turned out to be such a wonderful experience for you. it’s amazing how our babies have been entirely dependent on our bodies for survival for so long. look how big he’s grown just from your milk!
    what a sweet moment for you two. :) i hope he gets to read this later.

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