HK Shopping: Organic Baby

 This is my first review for Hong Kong Shopping! I’m excited to introduce you to a beautiful shop called Organic Baby. 

I had met up with some friends who were visiting from America and their friend from HK joined us as well. I really loved the gift that the HK friend gave my friends’ son. I asked and the answer was Organic Baby! 

We went over to their Causeway Bay location (right across from The Park Lane Hotel) and I was instantly in love! Not only are their things beautiful, fun and unique but QUALITY.

Organic Baby


We got Ollie this little number, a “back pack” shirt. Absolutely adorable, soft and we loved the little Superman tag on the back. We ended up getting the 1-year-old size because Ollie grows so fast, so we figured bigger is better. 

Can I also say how wonderful the staff was? The lady who was helping us was kind, helpful and had great suggestions. She told us about the VIP discount, which is basically paying a certain amount upfront (vouchers/gift certificates) and then getting discounts depending on how many items you buy. The more items, the more discounts and since this is really beautiful and nice quality stuff, we were all about the discount. 

Organic Baby

And to our surprised, we got all our “baby/kid” shopping done for Christmas! We got our nieces: Claire, Aerin and Zoe (and her bday) gifts there. I wish I could show you guys but I want it to be a surprise for them. Let’s just say, the girl stuff is just as cute and fun. ;-)

Organic Baby had beautiful sweaters there too, we were thinking about buying Ollie one but we already had a few bags on us and decided to get it another time. If you’re looking for nice gifts for the babies and children in your life, check out Organic Baby. You may find what you’re looking for or may be pleasantly surprised and find something even better. ;-)

Organic Baby 
Several Locations: here
Facebook page: here

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  1. jesshie
    November 20, 2013 at 10:27 am

    wow. i can already tell it’s going to be awesome.

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