Postpartum Body

I weigh less than I did before I was pregnant but can I just tell you something?

My postpartum body is not the same as it used to be. Things have definitely shifted, I feel lumpy here and there and I got stretch marks AFTER I gave birth. But I don’t mind the stretch marks (or even my c-section scar) because they remind me of how happy I was pregnant with Ollie. They show me how amazing my body, a life grew inside of me. 

But seriously… I feel lumpy. haha I also feel like a slob almost everyday. My hair is a total mess (I have so much hair loss, it never stops) and I could probably use a hair cut or some kind of serious treatment for extreme frizz. And my tummy is mushy and lumpy. Gosh, I need a new word for lumpy! ;-)

I honestly do not have time for anything but Ollie. The moment I wake up to the moment I sleep, I’m constantly doing things for Ollie or the home. Then I am exhausted and go to bed by 10-10:30pm. I was a bit sad when a few friends have told me that I look tired and exhausted. I haven’t been posting pictures with Ollie because I felt I looked terrible and tired… then when I do get the courage and post, I hear that and I feel like crawling back into my hole and not posting pics of me. 

How do you mothers do it? Exercise and take care of the house stuff? I take Ollie out for walks, I run errands, do laundry (which seems like it’s everyday since we unpacked), dishes, cleaning and trying to see friends. I can’t fit exercise in ANYWHERE. Then when I do find time, like now, I want to get some “me” time. It recharges me and it usually only lasts 15 mins. 

How do I take care of myself ladies? Any tips? 

I love being a mom, I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I would like to feel a little more confident in my appearance. 


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  1. Carla
    November 19, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    I personally think that you are still looking good, going by instagram. :)

    Half of me wants to mention how you are spending your time on the most important thing of all and therefore you shouldn’t worry about what you look like etc, but then the other half of me is thinking that it looks like you want to look better/feel better for YOU, not other people and not other people’s perceptions. Which makes perfect sense.

    I’m sure that you will find a way to have time for everything – have you thought about something like a Kinect or a Wii while little Ollie is napping – thats just excersice though, but I think that is probably something that will make you feel better because you are doing something for you.

    If that makes sense :)

    Ollie will off course wake up before you can shower like all children would do ;)

    Good luck!

  2. helene
    November 19, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    no annie you look gorgeous in your pix! btw, can i tell you that i gained 20lbs after I gave birth to the kids =,=”"

  3. Jess L
    November 20, 2013 at 5:15 am

    Annie you always look gorgeous and glowing in every picture I see!

    I took lots of walks with Tyler after he was born and it always made me feel good to get outside and get fresh air. But I didn’t actually start working out regularly until he was about 16 months. Although finding the time is never easy, it helped that at that age Tyler was in a solid, mostly consistent routine where I could count on him sleeping through the night and roughly knew what time he would wake up each day. So I was able to get up about an hour before he woke up, go for a run, shower, and be ready for the day to start. I loved having my workout “done” and I loved starting the day in a peaceful way that was also my alone time (since we all know alone time can be hard to come by being a mom and wife). I know for me, early mornings were the best time for me to fit it in since by the time he went to sleep I was exhausted myself and I usually spent that time just doing dishes and cleaning up the house (again!)

    Also, with Tyler being 16 months I felt comfortable joining a gym that had an onsite daycare so I could work out during the day. (Yes, it took me a long time to feel comfortable leaving my baby with someone else even if it was just for an hour long workout and even though I was literally in the next room haha) So even though I started working out because I was determined to lose my last few pounds of baby weight it actually became more about just taking some time for myself and feeling better from the inside out since working out definitely gave me a boost of energy and confidence and =)

    I think when the time is right and Ollie is at an age where you feel like he’s in a routine, it might be easier to figure out how a regular workout fits into your day. For now, I think it’s more important to spend your few, precious moments of down time recharging and relaxing in whatever way you feel like that day – whether it’s taking a cat nap, watching tv, or anything else =) Love you, Beautiful!

  4. jesshie
    November 20, 2013 at 10:26 am

    for me, i never got back into working out after z. no time, ever!!!! it doesn’t help that i work 10-hour days and the one weekday that i don’t work, i have her with me. so no time! hahaha.
    breastfeeding took off the majority of the baby weight for me, and after that it was a matter of being disciplined with what i ate.
    it’s only been 6 months, so it’s totally OK!!! watching a kid is exhausting work! once ollie gets much more predictable with his sleep schedule, everything will sort itself out. you will get more rest, you’ll have more time and life will be normal again. :) that day is fast approaching, so proud of how far you’ve come.

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