29 Weeks

Oh. My. God.

Ollie turned 29 weeks this past Tuesday. 

What? WHEN? HOW?

I have been a mother now for 6 months (and 10 or so in my belly) and I can’t believe it. 

I can’t believe he’s halfway to being a year old. HALFWAY. My baby is growing too fast, too fast… TOO FAST.

6 months has been a challenge. He’s very fussy, irritable and gets bored so easily. But at the same time, he knows so many things now. He can say “umma” and knows how to ham it up. He smiles and laughs at appropriate times and he really, really, loves his dad. 

I am so tired because he is SO HEAVY and a lot of energy. But he is SOOOOOOO WORTH IT.

I want to write more and I hope I do soon. Just know, I love – - – - – LOVE being his mom. I love him. I love him!!!!


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  1. December 15, 2013 at 2:24 am

    Your baby Ollie will always be your baby Ollie though. He’s just now slightly bigger and will get more mobile. :)

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