Yesterday, I had a little cloud hanging over me because it isn’t the best date. It reminds me of a time, a person, people and memories that I have mostly healed from. But even though there is healing, the memories are still there.

I spent most of the day, smiling and laughing with Ollie. I am thankful for him, he and my hubs have really helped heal my heart. I don’t know how I would have been without them.

The hubs had to work so he sent comfort via text. He really has been an amazing partner and supportive.

I had talked to my friend Alice and it was really nice to know that it’s ok that I feel this way. And that I will probably always feel this way. She made me feel reassured and better. I am really amazed how she and I have grown in our relationship. The move to Hong Kong has really been so wonderful, especially with how much she has helped and been such a great friend to me. Not to mention a positive support system, which gives me energy on those super tiring days when Ollie doesn’t sleep.

And today is Saturday. It took forever to put Ollie to bed. His screaming breaks my heart. But his hugs, giggles, “umma”, wanting to play with me and his love make it all worth every single second of my life with him.

So even though Friday sucked, Saturday was great. :)


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  1. April 27, 2014 at 4:50 am

    *hugs* Giggles definitely chase away bad days.

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