Ollie’s party

Ollie’s party was a success! It was hard work but totally worth it and so much fun.

Ollie and I wore the traditional Korean dress (한복). I can’t believe I did, it was so hot/humid! But I’m glad we did because I’m so proud to do something traditionally Korean for Ollie.

We did the 돌잡이 and he had a few items to pick from:

1. String (long life)
2. Paint brushes (scholar)
3. Money (wealth)
4. Music (for fun, mommy’s career)
5. LV wallet (for fun, daddy’s career)

He went straight for the wallet! We did it a couple times and every time.. Straight for the wallet. :)

It was a bit difficult for us to plan the party by ourselves. We don’t have a car, so we had to carry everything to the party. Plus we carried everything back home (in a cab, yay!) which was easier.

Everyone had a great time! I have to give a huge thanks to my friend Alice, she bought so many balloons and decorations for the party. And an even bigger thanks to my hubby, who helped me with every aspect of the diy and getting ready for the party.

I’ll blog more when I have more pictures from the photog we had. (Again, thanks to Alice!) so glad we had someone there for pictures because we didn’t get any good shots. Excited to see what will come!


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  1. June 6, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    I still say that if he took the money outta your wallet, then technically he’s getting wealth VIA Dad’s career. XD

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