Shanghai Eats: Mr and Mrs Bund

While Mindy and Eric were in town I was fortunate enough to join their last dinner in Shanghai. Poor W had a work dinner to go to so I got to enjoy all the deliciousness. It was Mindy, Eric, Benjamin (his cousin), Eric’s parents, Eric’s aunt and his aunt’s friend. Thanks to his Aunt who was gracious in treating all of us to dinner and desserts, it was lovely!

I believe it was a recommendation by his cousin to eat at Mr and Mrs Bund – A modern eatery by Paul Pairet. It is right on the bund, the atmosphere was comfortable (not snobby or stuffy in any way), it was mostly a French menu with some modern twists and there was a balcony to look over the river. All I have to say is that I ate incredibly well and it was absolutely divine.

Since B is French (living in Shanghai, well the whole family is French) and he has been to Mr and Mrs Bund before, we all asked him for suggestions. He was telling me that since I am a musician I must have the Rossini!

B was explaining that dish was specifically made for Gioachino Rossini. It didn’t take much convincing for me to order this dish, after all I love foie gras and honestly, who doesn’t like filet mignon?

To my surprise (since the menu was so simple) there were delicious shaved black truffles on top of a thick blanket of foie gras. I took one small bite of the delicious steak, some foie gras and of course a bit of the truffle and wine reduction and Il barbiere de Siviglia was starting to play in my mind. I remember learning in music history classes (oh, my IU and Juilliard years… how young I was) that Rossini was an excellent cook and had an appreciation for gourmet food. And clearly, this dish was no mistake as it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted and I exclaimed at the dinner table that it was the happiest I had ever been (aside from my wedding). ;) When I finished the last piece of meat, the ending of the overture was going so quickly (even faster than the music! Like it was on fast forward) and then when it was all gone, the last notes of the overture played very – – – very – – – slowly. The cadence shifted to the final note of the piece and I sighed in deep appreciation and smiled that the whole overture was played in my head while I ate. All this talk of Rossini makes me want to go liisten to all his operas.

Fun fact: Did you know Rossini often “borrowed” from his own music? He actually plagiarized his own music! He’s a true talent and that you can’t deny, but I remember finding that quite humorous in college.

For dessert I had the tarte à la crème and it was simply amazing. The top was a thin, caramelized sheet and the inside was a smooth, light cream that was more liquid than cream. The shell of the tarte was buttery, not too sweet and extra crisp. I am salivating as I think about how insane this dessert was. (Why oh why do I have such a sweet tooth?!) Is it bad that I am contemplating about going there just for this dessert?

I included a gallery above to show you what was eaten (around me) and give you an idea of what kind of dishes were served. I had a glass of red wine that was really nice that Eric’s father picked out for the table. His father is well versed in the art of wine and I know there is a lot for me to learn in that regards. Maybe I’ll take a wine appreciation class so that I am more educated in gourmet eatery. (Like Rossini? Ah, I don’t think I’m that classy.) ;)

I am incredibly, whole heartedly grateful for not only Eric’s mother and father but his auntie too. Who have let me tag along with them on their vacation and graciously paid for my husband and I. I was telling Eric’s mother at dinner that I am so happy to not only eat delicious food with them but to have family here to share these beautiful moments together.

PS: It’s my SIL‘s birthday, please go wish her a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

PPS: It’s my girl Qing’s birthday too!!! Happy birthday Qing, I miss you!!!!